Professor Kazumasa Iida
Kazumasa Iida was appointed as a full professor at Nihon University, Japan in 2022. He received the doctor of engineering from Nagoya University in 2003. He spent the University of Cambridge from 2004 to 2007 as a postdoctoral researcher under the supervision of Prof. David A Cardwell. After spending 3.5 years in Cambridge, he joined the group led by Prof. Bernhard Holzapfel at the IFW Dresden as a senior scientist. He was appointed as an associate professor at Nagoya University in 2014, and joined Professor Ikuta’s laboratory. His research experience covers a wide range of materials, involving the fabrication of Sr-ferrite magnets, the growth of garnet films for magneto-optical imaging, and the growth of HTS and Fe-based superconducting materials in the form of bulk and thin films.
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B4 Kazuma OGAWA cika18039(at)
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