We have studied functional materials, especially superconducting materials. Superconductivity is the ultimate material that saves energy issues thanks to zero electrical resistance. Our aim is to improve the superconducting properties of various materials based on materials science and contribute to a decarbonized society.


  • My half plenary talk at ICMC2021 is posted here.
  • Our research was featured in the December issue of Yano E plus, published by Yano Research Institute Ltd. (2022.12.15)
  • I gave an invited talk at International Forum on Applied Superconductivity and Magnetism (IFASM Oceania 2022). (2022.12.06)
  • I gave a contributed talk at Applied Superconductivity Conference (ASC) 2022. (2022.10.24)
  • Mr. Yamauchi (Nagoya Uni.) under my supervision gave a talk at the 83rd JSAP Autumn meeting. (2022.09.22)
  • Epoxy die bonder was installed. (2022.09.15)
  • The relocation of the PLD system was successfully completed. (2022.09.08)
  • Quick coater was installed. (2022.09.02)
  • The result of diluted magnetic semiconductor has been published.(2022.08.11)
  • I gave an invited talk at International Materials Research Congress IMRC2022.(2022.08.16)
  • The result of the joint research with Prof. Yamamoto's group (Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Technology) and Prof. Hata's group (Kyushu Univ.) has been published.(2022.08.10)
  • The result of the joint research with Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and Institute of Metal Research, Tohoku University has been published. (2022.07.06)
  • I was appointed as a visiting professor at Nagoya University. (2022.6.1)
  • 2022 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibition, in which I participated as one of the session organizers, was successfully held. I also gave a talk. (2022.5.24)
  • UV laser processing machine was reinstalled. (2022.4.11)
  • Four bachelor course students have been assigned. (2022.4.5)
  • Iida has joined the College of Industrial Technology, Nihon University. (2022.4.1)